hallway-with-prefinished-walnut-wood-flooring kitchen-with-prefinished-walnut-wood-flooring office-with-prefinished-walnut-wood-flooring pre-finished-walnut-flooring-in-living-room pre-finished-walnut-flooring-in-walk-in-closet pre-finished-walnut-flooring1 prefinished-walnut-in-kitchen-2 prefinished-walnut-in-living-room

No other domestic hardwood offers the beauty and status of walnut flooring. Like cherry, walnut has for centuries been the standard for eloquence and beauty. Its unique natural color and silky grain give it smooth appearance. The heartwood of walnut is a chocolate brown with a slight reddish tone and the sapwood can be almost white, though most walnut only comes in steamed walnut which causes the color to be more consistant. One of the most common grades available for walnut is the Character grade which will contain some sap wood and large, black knots. Walnut can be used in almost any design setting from contemporary to rustic.

While walnut is one of the most beautiful woods available, it is also one of the softest. Because of its softness it may be prone to scratching and denting more easily than other types of hardwoods like oak or hickory. Although it can be stained, walnut is most often finished natural.