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North American Red Oak Flooring is the most common type of hardwood flooring used and has been for centuries. Red Oak is one of the most versatile hardwood flooring options available and will compliment almost any design style especially given its ability to take most stains evenly. Red Oak generally has a uniform color of very light blonde with a light reddish tone to it. There isn’t much difference between the sapwood and heartwood of red oak hardwood compared to a hardwood like hickory.

Like most hardwoods, red oak is offered in a variety of grades with the most common being the NOFMA/NWFA #1 Common grade. The #1 Common Red Oak hardwood floor is generally the one you see in most homes and features primarily ‘flat’ or ‘plain sawn’ grain which is the thick cathedral looking grain but will also feature some Rift or Quarter Sawn graining. Red oak is also offered in true Rift and/or Quarter Sawn grain options giving it a unique graining look.