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One of your plans for remodeling the home is to update the bathroom into a wet room design. You like the idea of an open shower area and possibly set behind a single wall to separate it from the rest of the space. This will mean that you need to make some decisions about wet room flooring before any of the work gets underway.


Fortunately, there are all sorts of tiles for wet room use that you can consider. You may be overwhelmed by the choices. Here are some tips and wet room flooring ideas that will help you make the best choices for your wet room and be happy with it for a long time to come. 

Are Tile Floors in Style in 2022?

Before beginning the search for the best bathroom flooring or wet room flooring ideas, there's a question that needs to be settled in your mind. What's the perception of tile floors these days? Are they thought to be a design idea that is a relic of the past? Are the tiles thought of as being a design element that is just as viable as it was in previous decades? Will the tile look dated as popular styles inevitably change in the future?


Put your mind at ease. The fact is that tiles in bathrooms of all types have been popular for a long time and remain so today. You can rightly assume that the tiles will continue to be a practical and attractive choice as the years pass. In short, the use of wet room tile isn't going anywhere. 


That doesn't mean all tile choices will be suitable for your space or that certain options won't become dated in the future. That's where you will want to seek professional help in selecting those tiles. The best options will leave you with a space that looks just as fresh and timely a decade from now as it does today. 

Can a Wet Room Have a Tiled Floor?

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You already know that tiles can be used for the shower area. However, it's also important to realize that wet room flooring tiles should be part of your design idea. You may want to use the same tiles for the floor that you use for the shower wall. It may even be a design choice that you carry into the other areas of the bathroom. 


You want a non-porous tile that can be coated with a sealant. This helps to repel water and ensure that nothing seeps into the tiles properly. Thanks to that, you will have an easier time cleaning the tiles, and they will retain their appearance for more years. 


Ensure a waterproof membrane is in place for the floor and the wall. The goal is to ensure that the tile and other elements of the space will not penetrate that membrane and increase the odds of leaks. That, in turn, helps maintain the area's structural integrity. 

What About the Materials Used for Tiles?

You do have multiple options for wet room tiles. The goal is to go with materials that will hold up well, give the space visual appeal, and are easy to keep clean and tidy. Several tile materials will supply all of these benefits. 


One of the most practical wet room tile ideas is to go with porcelain. This material is sturdy, provides a clean and crisp look, and will be easy to keep clean. It also tends to be a choice unlikely to fall out of favor soon. 


There are other choices for the wet room floor that deserve attention. First, you may find that some sort of natural stone works well in the space. Like porcelain, many types of stone will last for decades. This is especially true if the stone is treated correctly and coated. 


Don't overlook the idea of going with mosaic tiles. They can be just as sturdy with the proper treatment and can add visual interest to the space. If unsure what would work best, have a contractor look at the bathroom. Based on experience, the dimensions of the room, and the amount of natural light present, the professional is likely to have several tiling tips that will help narrow the range of choices. That includes which materials to use. 

Shower Tray or Tiles?

Other factors will influence what's right for your space, along with the material choices. One idea you should discuss with a contractor is the use of shower trays in conjunction with tiles or even alone. As tile ideas for shower floor design go, trays can be less expensive than using tiles. Even if you want to use tiles elsewhere, there's the possibility that a combination of shower tray tiles would be practical, look great, save money, and hold up well as the years past. 

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Trays are available in a variety of materials. Along with those commonly used for tiles, it's also possible to choose acrylic or cast iron for the trays. Keep in mind that just as the choice of materials impacts the expense of tiles, the same is true for shower trays. If cost is the main reason you're leaning toward trays, do compare the cost of certain materials with what you can find in tiles too. With choices like cast iron, you may find little to no savings. 

What is The Most Popular Trending Tile Look?

It makes sense that you want to focus on wet room flooring ideas that are held in high regard. It's important to note some choices remain popular no matter how trends change from year to year. In other words, you want something that always seems to be in vogue, not tiles that are considered outstanding today but may be perceived as tired by this time next year. 

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As far as currently popular choices, a combination of black and white tiles continues to be the choice for many homeowners. Considered sleek and simple, it's easy to dress this tile up using other colors throughout the bathroom. For those who like simplicity and a basic color scheme, they can adapt from time to time, this option is hard to beat. 

You'll also find that tiles with a larger format are popular right now. This is one of the shower tile You'll also find that tiles with a larger format are popular right now. This is one of the shower tile trends that emerged in recent years after being out of favor for decades. At present, it looks as if the appeal of larger tiles for floors and walls will remain around for a long time. 

Rustic stone has maintained its appeal and shows no signs of slowing down. This is great since the natural highlights found in the stone help to give the space a sense of being somewhat unique. Even another wet room using the same types of stone will have subtle differences in how the material looks. 


One trendy option that may or may not remain popular is metallic tiles. These do seem to be popular for a time, fade away, and then come back again after a time. If you like them and don't mind waiting between their popularity rounds, feel free to go with this option. On the other hand, if you prefer something that seamlessly stays in style, look for something else.

Are There Color and Pattern Concerns to Think About?

When it comes to tiled wet room floors, there is no reason why you can't consider different color When it comes to tiled wet room floors, there is no reason why you can't consider different color combinations or even include patterns in the overall design. The trick is to know what helps make the space feel more expansive while still adding the dash of color that pulls the entire room together. 


With larger bathrooms that have shower areas designed to contain multiple shower heads, feel free to go with patterns that are bold in pattern, bold in color, or a combination of the two. This can work especially well when those tiles for wet room floors are in a space with a skylight or some other natural light source. Far from making the space feel closed in, what you choose, coupled with the light, could make the space seem all the more inviting. 


Do keep the square footage in mind when you think about wetroom bathroom designs that include more color and possibly the use of bold patterns. Remember that smaller spaces will likely look more balanced and appealing if you keep the choices subtle and somewhat scaled down. The last thing you want is an open shower that makes you feel closed in. 

Call a Professional Service to Help You with Wet Room Flooring Ideas and Installation

How do you know which options for wet tiles are right for your space? A lot depends on your personal taste. There are also practical matters like permeability to consider. Pattern and color choices also must be taken into consideration. 


There's no need to feel overwhelmed by the choices that you have to make. Instead, call a professional service that can help you evaluate different ideas and settle on the ones that work best in your space. With a knowledgeable professional on hand, those decisions won't seem to intimidate any longer. 


Remember that your goal is to select bathroom flooring ideal for the design you hope to achieve and will please the eye for many years to come. By keeping the style, material choices, designs, and other elements in mind, you're sure to be happy with what you see every time you take a shower.