american-cherry-wood-floor-in-entry-way american-cherry-wood-floor-in-living-room1 american-cherry-wood-flooring-in-entry-way american-cherry-wood-flooring-in-hallway dining-room-with-american-cherry-wood-floor kitchen-with-american-cherry-wood-flooring

For centuries North American Cherry has been the standard for eloquence and beauty. North American Cherry is most commonly known for it’s reddish-brown heartwood and light blonde sapwood. Cherry has a uniform, smooth grain structure giving it a more satiny, smooth texture compared to the open grain of hardwoods like oak or ash.

Cherry is also unique in that it will darken over time, especially when exposed to light. Because of this some people are cautious about installing cherry hardwood in their homes for fear that their floor will show the outlines of rugs or furniture if ever moved or repositioned. American cherry is also very soft, and may not hold up to heavy traffic or busy lifestyles like oak or hickory may.